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Lead Smarty never stops digging for opportunities for you.
Find Leads. Fast.

Lead Smarty tracks millions of news stories and corporate announcements.

With Pinpoint Precision.

Lead Smarty finds the stories relevant to
your Prospect List.

Take Action. First.

Lead Smarty sends you the lead details, stories and contact info.

Event Driven Marketing & Sales

It’s all about making the call, sending the email or knocking on the door at the right time with the right information. You need to be able to define the events that matter to you.

Lead Smarty will track corporate announcements and major corporate events that match the industry focus that you have.

You will never have to read newspapers for stories or follow multiple news websites and scroll to find out what is relevant to you, so you can capitalize on an event.

Lead Smarty does all this for you.

Upload Your Prospect List

You can use any list you like, Lead Smarty will track your Company prospects for events and corporate news announcements. These are the real news items that serious opportunistic people care about.

Lead Smarty can crunch through millions of news stories and millions of corporate announcements and match your prospects with the events.

Upload data from your CRM, client list, prospect list whatever you like, you control what you want to upload and Lead Smarty works day and night and while you are at the golf course or the cottage. You will get the lead and you can contact the prospect immediately as you will have their email, telephone number and you will have read the news story as it was attached to the Lead.

Lead Smarty never stops digging for opportunities for you!

You Get the Leads

Lead Smarty will send you Leads that give you the advantage over your competitors as you will be making a very timely call or email. You may send a congratulatory email or simply reach out to your prospect to see if they would have some time to talk about your offering based on the even just announced.

Event Driven Marketing & Sales is all about making the right contact at the right time. Opportunistic sales people have been doing this for years. Now Lead Smarty makes it faster and easier for you. No more tracking various websites and press releases.

Lead Smarty sends Leads to you that are tailored to your prospect list.

Get the Leads You need before your Competitors!

Lead Smarty, for opportunistic sales people!